Tina Fey Talks Last Gasp of '30 Rock'

With the final season's premiere tonight, Vulture had a chance to talk with the series creator and star Tina Fey about what we can expect as the series nears the finish line.

Tina Fey

For Liz Lemon and live-in boyfriend Criss' (James Marsden) attempt to have a baby, don't expect the traditional Lemon about-face. "They're trying to have a baby, so Liz has to face her disinterest in sex and find a way to enjoy it," Fey said. "I don't know why the fact that it's James Marsden isn't enough for her to enjoy it, but it's not. But it becomes structured and scheduled and unromantic, and now that she can put it on a spreadsheet, she's finally onboard."

After splitting from wife Avery (Elizabeth Banks), expect Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaughy to start lining up acceptable partners, sometimes all at once. "Jack is dating a number of women, a different woman for each of his different needs, and there's one woman who he refers to as his 'sex idiot,'" the actress explained. "Jack is also on a mission to destroy NBC, to lower its value so they'll have to sell it."

As for when the series finally draws to close, Fey expects... depression. Keep those pizzas ready, shotgunning will be imminent. "I keep trying to tell my husband and Robert Carlock to be ready. At SNL, you knew at the end of the season you were going to hit a two-week depression," Fey said. "It's hard to stop. And this has been a longer run and a harder run in a lot of ways. I think it's going to be like when people run a marathon and they throw up at the end."

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Oct 4th, 2012, 3:02 pm

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