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Canada braces for life without the NHL

Come back

As a life-long fan of professional sports, nothing irritates me more than lockouts and strikes. Billionaires arguing with millionaires about how to split the millions really hammers home the fact that these games are just that - games. Ultimately, the people who lose out most are the fans who use the games as escapism and something to be excited about.

Right now, the National Hockey League is locked out, because management wants to cut down on the amount of profits are spent on players and not on more yachts and champagne. The NHL has tossed the first two weeks of the season already and more is likely to come. In America, it seems to be barely a blip on our radar. However, in poor Canada, the entire country has descended into anarchy. Whom will Don Cherry criticize without the games?

CBC, which airs Hockey Night in Canada, has resorted to playing reruns of classic NHL games, as picked out by Canadian hockey fans in an online vote. The first "You Pick" GNIC will air on October 13 at 8 p.m.

“While we continue to hope for a timely resolution to the lockout, we want to ensure that fans across the country can still watch the game they love," said Julie Bristow, CBC executive director, studio and unscripted programming, English Service. 

Cable sports network Sportsnet said that it would be airing live TV hockey games, starting with the October 13 American Hockey League game featuring the Rochester Americans versus the Toronto Marlies.

Sportsnet will follow that up on October 20 with a double-header, and air Canadian Hockey League games on Friday night.



Written by: Hamatosan
Oct 4th, 2012, 8:43 am


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Message Posted On Oct 5th, 2012, 8:29 am

"hammers home the fact that these games are just that - games"


Hockey is hardly a game, or even much of a sport, anymore...it's a business, with both the players and the owners out to get as much as they can.  As you pointed out, the current problem is billionaires arguing with millionaires over profits.  It's been a very long time since hockey has been about playing a game and supplying the fans with entertainment.


"However, in poor Canada, the entire country has descended into anarchy"


Pffft.  I understand about poetic license, but lets not get carried away!!.  Most of us are getting, and will continue to get, along just fine without hockey.  It's *annoying* that the idiots are depriving the fans, especially those that bought season tickets, of their entertainment, but anarchy will hardly be the result.


"CBC, which airs Hockey Night in Canada, has resorted to playing reruns of classic NHL games"


Resorted?  CBC regularly airs reruns of those games, usually early in the morning, so the only thing that's new about this is that it'll be in the early evenings as well, and that the fans will have some say in what games are aired.


BTW, your finger slipped a little...it's "HNIC", not "GNIC".  Unless you were thinking of something more descriptive of the situation :-)




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