Josh Groban heading back to the Office

I cannot stand Andy Bernard on NBC's The Office. As a secondary character, he was okay. But last season's effort to make him Michael Scott 2.0 ruined him for me and had me give up the show. I am not alone in that either - Vulture named him one of TV's most annoying characters, saying that "Poor Nard Dog. His frantic need-to-please energy used to be part of The Office's delicate comic balance, but Steve Carell's departure threw everything off. Now Helms's toothy desperation is at once overkill and underdone: We had enough awkwardness and neediness from Michael Scott, so if you're going to go to that well again, you're gonna have to dig a bit deeper. The worst indignity of it is that Andy Bernard is the funniest when he's the happiest — say, gleefully singing some a cappella, or swooning over Erin — and yet the show keeps pushing him toward chronic confusion and ineptitude."

So today's news that Josh Groban is heading back to the show as Andy's younger brother, Walter Jr., means very little to me.

Walter Jr. was first introduced last season, along with Andy's parents, at his garden party at Schrute Farms.

No matter what Andy tried, it became clear that Walter Jr. was clearly the Bernard parent’s favorite. But the Nard Dog has changed a lot since then, so maybe he can steal some of Walter Jr.'s thunder, especially since he is coming back as a drunk who has fallen from grace.



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Written by: Hamatosan
Oct 4th, 2012, 4:38 pm

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