'The Price Is Right' Names First Male Model

Rob Wilson... come on down!! You're the next... model on "The Price Is Right"...?

Rob Wilson

Indeed, the long-running daytime game show has experienced some changes over the past few years with the changing of the guard on hosting duties passing from Bob Barker to Drew Carey, and now with the addition of the show's first male Showcase model. Rob Wilson was one of 26 who made it past the initial audition stage, with fan voting taking over after the number was whittled down to three finalists. Fans voted between September 28th and October 4th, selecting Wilson ahead of fellow finalists Clint Brink and Nick Denbeigh.

Wilson is reportedly a big fan of the show growing up, explaining, "When I was a freshman in college, my friends and I would make a point to rendezvous back at the dorm to watch on the lobby TV and play along. It’s funny, because I thought I was the only one who did that. As a little kid I would stay home with my mom and my grandma to watch The Price Is Right. My grandma was the biggest fan of [former TPIR host] Bob Barker; she passed years ago, but she probably had something to do with this."

Wilson is hoping the high profile gig will lead to opportunities to pursue his first love: acting. "I have a resume I’ve been working on. I’ve done some costars on ABC Family shows, and a guest star on Nickelodeon. I’m actually filming my first SAG film this month," the beefcake of a man explained.

Wilson's first appearance is set for October 15th.

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Written by: kyleiam
Oct 5th, 2012, 11:12 am

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