'Chuck' Creators Reunite For 'Midnighters' Drama At FOX

Less than a year after NBC's action-comedy/spy-drama Chuck finished its fifth and final season, the show's creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz have reunited to sell a new science-fiction drama called Midnighters to FOX.


Based on the trilogy of books by Scott Westerfeld, the project has received a script commitment and will follow a small collection of young people who were all born at the stroke of midnight and therefore have access to the 25th hour of the day. Unlike their work on Chuck, Fedak will be the sole writer while Schwartz will serve as a producer.

The Midnighters book trilogy consists of The Secret Hour, Touching Darkness, and Blue Noon, and features five main protagonists who live in Bixby, Oklahoma. As Midnighters, they are able to enter the "Blue Time"—a secret hour hidden within the instant of midnight—and possess superhuman powers.

Along with these special abilities comes the disadvantage of being highly sensitive to intense light. It is also implied that their powers will not work outside of Bixby, although none of the characters attempt to leave town throughout the trilogy. Despite all that they have in common, the team does not always work together and its members often engage in personal conflicts.

Just reading the description reminds me of Twilight, and I barely know anything about Twilight. Nevertheless, the concept is intriguing if it's handled properly. What do you think?

- Josh Schwartz
- Chris Fedak

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Oct 5th, 2012, 5:31 pm


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"What do you think?"


Heh.  It's science-fiction.  It'll be on Fox.  It'll be lucky if it lasts an entire season :-(


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