BBC promises probe into sexual abuse allegations


The new director general of the BBC has promised an internal investigation into the claims that Jimmy Savile, the late host of music charts show Top of the Pops, committed sexual abuse.

George Entwistle said that the public broadcaster would focus on full cooperation in the police probe. And that as soon as the police examination is finished, the broadcaster will begin an internal probe into the "awful" abuse allegations. The BBC has come under fire for not immediately doing a probe.

An ITV documentary cited women saying that Savile had sexually abused them and others as young girls. Some of the allegations apparently took place on BBC premises.

Savile died in October 2011. He was best known for his BBC show Jim'll Fix It, as well as being the broadcaster of BBC's long-running Top of the Pops program.

"A number of serious and disturbing allegations have been made...about the sexual abuse of teenage girls by Jimmy Savile," the BBC had said last week. "Some of these allegations relate to activity on BBC premises in the 1960s and '70s. We are horrified by allegations that anything of this sort could have happened at the BBC - or have been carried out by anyone working for the BBC.

"They are allegations of a serious criminal nature, which the police have the proper powers to investigate," it continued.

The BBC has promised to provide its "full support to any lines of inquiry they wish to pursue."

- Jimmy Savile
- BBC one

Written by: Hamatosan
Oct 9th, 2012, 6:28 am

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