Vice Media to launch 24-hour global news network


Are you ready for the future of news?

Vice Media sure hopes so. It announced the formation of a new 24-hour global news network, beginning early next year. Vice Media currently produces Vice magazine, premium online video offers and other media. Its CEO, Shane Smith, showed a promo video in Abu Dhabi that talked about what the new channel would bring to the table.

The video showed young reporters working in the field. Smith says the network will use documentary-style immersionism instead of studio shows like other news networks do. The promo ended by having a voice-over say: "Welcome to the future of news."

Content from the network is expected to air on TV in 18 countries, such as Mexico, in addition to being available online globally.

Smith feels that traditional media spends too much time chasing the same stories and has disenfranchised Generation Y, who is interested in news but tired of the spin it often takes.

 Discussing combat in warzones and military members dying, as an example, Smith said that "What we want to say is why are they dying, what's happening, so we immerse ourselves into the story. We are not partisan, we just press record." 

He highlighted the Occupy movement and WikiLeaks as two signs for people's disappointment with the status quo.

Vice is also launching a news magazine on HBO, called Vice. Leftover materials from what has already been shot for that will be used on the network.

"We didn't realize the level of propaganda that America, the land of the free, actually produces," Smith said about WikiLeaks and hacker group Anonymous. "I support the truth. And it is a shame that [that news media] have gotten so far from the truth, from investigation."



Written by: Hamatosan
Oct 10th, 2012, 1:07 pm

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