Ed Brubaker sells dramas to NBC, Fox


In potentially awesome news, comic book writer Ed Brubaker has sold projects to Fox and NBC.

Fox has purchased Rising Suns, a crime thriller that centers on an American Yakuza boss who has to fight for his life, occasionally using martial arts skills learned in Japan. He also gets involved, romantically, with the female FBI agent who is trying to track him down. Brubaker is writing and will executive produce, with Awake's Kyle Killen also serving as executive producer.

At NBC, the unnamed series features a young female agent learning the ropes who becomes part of the agency's cleanup crew. She begins to learn the ropes from an established, well-regarded agent. Brubaker will be writing and executive producing this as well, with Peter Traugott and Rachel Kaplan also serving as executive producers.

Brubaker is one of the top writers in today's comic scene. He currently writers the ongoing Captain America series, as well as Fatale, a dark, Lovecraftian noir. Crime noir is his bread and butter. In my opinion, he does it better than anyone else in the game today. I loved Criminal and Gotham Central, as they were both magnificent looks into the criminal underbelly. 

There are a few writers that I will buy anything their name is on and Brubaker is at the top of that list. Both of these shows are ones I will tune into on day one.


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Oct 10th, 2012, 4:26 pm


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Fuck. YES. Brubaker is my favorite writer in comics today, bar none. If you want something with a spy-noir feel to it, check out "Sleeper."

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