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'Revolution' Creator Discusses Character's Death And What To Expect

Although most JJ Abrams productions are well known for keeping secrets from the audience, Revolution creator Eric Kripke had plenty to say about the NBC drama during a conference call with journalists today.

Not only did he address the overarching story of the power blackout, Kripke also discussed the recent death of a major character and what to expect in upcoming episodes. If you haven't caught up with Revolution on your DVR, you may want to tread lightly because spoilers abound.

Eric Kripke
As he did on his other show Supernatural, Kripke prefers to reveal answers and wrap up storylines before advancing toward an even bigger mystery. Hinting that the truth about the cause of the blackout would lead to even more questions, Kripke explained his philosophy. "For me, the longer you drag out an answer, the more pressure there is that that answer is the greatest answer ever given in the history of man," he said. "I would prefer we answer questions quickly and then ask more questions. Answer a question and then open a door to a whole other bigger room."

He added that astute viewers should continue to scour the show for clues, including the shot of Earth in the pilot. "What you saw in that globe shot is an accurate representation" of how the blackout occurred, Kripke noted.

In the latest episode, Maggie (Anna Lise Phillips) suffered a surprising and untimely demise. Previously thought to be a regular character, her death shocked viewers and reminded them that the world of Revolution isn't a safe one. Speaking about his decision to axe Maggie, Kripke said, "I sort of have a bad habit in the shows I run of killing off the people that I love. And I think Maggie was one of those. We decided internally very early on that it was really important to show that this world had very real stakes and that it was truly dangerous because you're not close to hospitals, you're not close to paramedics, you're not close to help. We very quickly realized that the scariest thing we could do was to kill the doctor among them."

Even though Charlie's search for Danny seems to be a long-running storyline, her quest will actually provide a "prologue to a much bigger story," Kripke stated. "We never had any intention of keeping the search for Danny going forever… By episode 10, we will have played that prologue out, and it's time to begin the next chapter of the show and explore much more why, in fact, the show is titled Revolution." During the same episode, former friends Miles and Monroe will see each other for the first time in years, promising an "explosive and emotional" confrontation Kripke described as "tragic in a Cain and Abel kind of way."

Next appearing in episode 7, Grace and Randall will be prominent characters in the second half of the season as they will play a huge role in the show's main storyline. Entitled "Soul Train," next week's episode 5 will contain a family reunion of sorts when Danny arrives in Philadelphia, where his mother Rachel is being held by Monroe. There may also be a few answers about the blackout, as Rachel agrees to confess what she knows when Monroe tortures her son.

I'm one of those viewers who still hasn't watched the latest episodes of Revolution on my DVR, as the baseball playoffs have absorbed most of my television viewing time lately. It sounds like stuff is getting real, so I look forward to diving back into the series. Have you been keeping up with Revolution?

- Anna Lise-Phillips
- Eric Kripke
- Revolution (2012)

Written by: Chrononaut
Oct 11th, 2012, 1:15 pm


Message Posted On Oct 11th, 2012, 7:35 pm
Okay ...but who are you? Also, maybe I wasn't referring to United States (of Mexico?), maybe I it was about Americanada (although it wasn't!)

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Message Posted On Oct 11th, 2012, 5:06 pm

If it makes you feel any better... I'm Canadian.


Message Posted On Oct 11th, 2012, 4:08 pm
Baseball? How American-y of you! *** I, for one, am having a difficult time getting passed the scientific concepts of electricity being down everywhere, but synapses in brains (of people, cats, etc.) still firing, or fireamrs still firing, or fires still burning. What the electrons had a meeting and decided to have an electrical devices-only ban? And then, even in the case of EMP-nesseses, one could get internal combustion machines to work, maybe not a helicopter, but a car or tank. Would steam stop working, gasoline stop burning, and yet guns fire just fine. *** So, the concept is difficult to swallow, when applying even a small measure critical thought. That having been said, I'm still happy enough to suspend my disbe-insult-to-our-intelligences and will continue to be tuning-in. *** The exploitation of 2012 apocalyptic-ness by the Television Masters, as can be seen by the many, many new shows of such post-apocalyptic/distoptian themes (among them, Fringe's timing being especially brilliant), is suiting yours truly just fine. The more out-of-this-world fantasy/scifi (versus the yet another procedural, with yet another conventional, conformist characters) the better.
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