New DVR can record five shows at once


Holy crap. DirectTV has changed the game. As the battle over digital recording rages on, the company has introduced the DirecTV Genie, a new DVR that allows up to five shows to be recorded simultaneously, they announced today.

Dish Network, a direct competitor to DirectTV, announced recently its Hopper, a device that can record three shows at once. Three shows, DirecTV chuckled. That is kid stuff. Unfortunately, it can also record three more network shows during primetime if the subscriber opts into a special service that records all of primetime, every night. So you'll be able to have everything on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, etc.

When would anyone possibly find time to watch that much TV and not become Cartman or Honey Boo Boo-lite?

The Hopper has received criticism, as it allows the viewer to completely skip commercials. Most digital video recorders allow the viewer to speed through them, but they still see them. The DirecTV Genie does not allow skipping.

TiVo's top DVR can only record four shows at once. Nice try, TiVo.

The Genie also recommends shows, similar to Netflix, based on what the viewer's habits have told it they enjoy.

"We simply asked consumers what they wished for in the perfect television experience and then set out to develop as many of those features as possible in our new flagship HD DVR,” said Romulo Pontual, executive vice president and chief technology officer for DirectTV, adding: “Gone are the days of scheduling conflicts, channel surfing, messy wires and boxes, missed shows and family fights over the remote."

Viewers will be able to use one Genie and watch/record/delete shows on up to eight TV sets with connection capability.




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Oct 11th, 2012, 6:03 pm


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Well, that's nice and all, but Shaw Cablesystems up here in Canada has them beat.  For a year now, they've had a Gateway system that will record up to 6 HD programs and play back up to 3 (recently upgraded to 5) previously-recorded programs simultaneously.  Additionally, it will allow you to pause a show in one room, go to another room and continue watching that show from where you paused it (although not mentioned, I acknowledge the possibility that the devices mentioned in this article are *also* capable of doing this; I just wanted to mention that Shaw's device can too).  However, there *is* one way in which the Genie is better than the Gateway...the Genie can connect to 8 TV's while the Gateway can only connect to 6 :-)