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Denise Richards survived marauding gigantic alien insects in 'Starship Troopers.' She, along with the rest of us, saw Kevin Bacon's uhh... bacon, in 'Wild Things.' She married a man with Tiger Blood and seperated successfully--and still remains his caring friend. Is there anything she can't do?

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Next up for Richards is a role on the upcoming ABC Family pilot 'Socio,' the story about a diagnosed sociopath and reformed violent criminal as the main suspect in the murder mystery of a teenage girl. Richards will play the mother of the titular sociopath Danny, played by Avan Jogia. Danny has spent five years in prison for the murder of his aunt (only five years? I guess homicide doesn't rank as highly as it Avan Jagiaused to!) and is now returning home to the town where 'Socio' is set. The show follows Danny’s re-acclamation to normal life and his continued battle against town suspicions, which reach new levels of intensity after a student at his school is murdered. As the executives of the series tease, the question of the series becomes: is Danny a serial killer or a reformed teen with a big secret?


In the vein of 'Twin Peaks' and other television murder mysteries before it, 'Socio' will be giving the audience less information thatn most of the characters--the exact opposite of 'Dexter,' which walks the audience through the series alongside the main character, with us privy to his darkest secrets. Richards joins Jagia and the rest of the announced cast: Kimberly Maddie HassonQuinn has been cast as Tess, the mother of Danny's best friend Jo, played by Maddie Hasson.


This latest addition to the cast adds a major name to the upcoming pilot which will be going into production soon. The murder-mystery fare alone is already a dark turn for ABC Family, but centering the series on a convicted murderer and purported sociopath is a gamble that could prove too much for the ABC Family audience. At least the inclusion of Richards ensures interest whenever the pilot comes to air.


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