'Adventure Time' Nabs Guest-Stars Neil Patrick Harris and Donald Glover

Get ready for Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time" to get legen-- wait for it...

Cartoon Network has announced that "How I Met Your Mother"'s Neil Patrick Harris will return to reprise his role as Prince Gumball on the animated favorite. Harris portrayed the gender-swapped counterpart to Princess Bubblegum in the third season episode "Fionna and Cake," in which it is revealed that all the characters are fan-fiction creations of the Ice King.

Adventure Time

Joining Harris will be "Community" and Derrick Comedy founder Donald Glover, who seems intent on conquering any and all forms of entertainment lately. Glover will provide voice talents for Marshal Lee, male counterpart to fan favorite character Marceline the Vampire Queen. The two are expected to guest-star in another gender-swapping episode from the mad mind of the Ice King.

"Adventure Time" revolves around buddies Finn and Jake, inhabitants and heroes in the Land of Ooo, a mystyical kingdom rife with imaginative adventures.

The offbeat animated series has proven to be a bonafide hit for all ages, bringing in countless notable guest stars including Weird Al Yankovic, Stephen Root, Ron Perlman, Henry Rollins, Mark Hammill, and now Glover and Harris. The most recent fourth season of the series ranked first in its time period while also picking up a nomination for its third Primetime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Short-format Animated Program".

...dary! It's gonna be legendary!

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Written by: kyleiam
Oct 15th, 2012, 1:18 pm

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