Reality Star Kendra Wilkinson Calls Hugh Hefner's Ex "Mean"

Hugh Hefner and Crystal HarrisFor months it’s been a constant war between Hugh Hefner and ex-fiancee Crystal Harris since she called off their wedding. Believe it or not, a 25-year-old doesn’t think she has a great future ahead of her with an 85-year-old man, even if he is the founder of the Playboy franchise. Despite feeling that the marriage is a bad idea, the former Playboy model has done anything to keep her name in the headlines. This time the reality star, who was able to keep the ring, is demanding Hefner giver her back their puppy.

Hefner’s former girlfriends Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison are at their last straw with Harris, claiming she is up to no good with her demands. "Why did you voluntarily give the dog to Hef (who loves him too) after you left, only to ask for him back a few months later?" Madison tweeted. "Dogs shouldn't be yanked from happy homes on a whim. She needs to quit attention-seeking!" she added.

Wilkinson joined in the tweeting, writing to Hefner: "That dog loves you so much. [Crystal] abandoned him and now she wants him back. She's mean, mean, mean." Hefner’s been the more mature adult in the entire situation, handling the break-up with dignity, hardly saying anything in the press about it. However, Harris is never afraid to talk about the broken nuptials.

Hefner boosted Harris’ career as a glamour model, featuring her as Playmate of the Month in December 2009. She also appeared on his reality series, “The Girls Next Door.” The couple’s wedding would have appeared on E! as a special similar to Kim Kardashian’s wedding as well.


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Dec 29th, 2011, 3:29 pm


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Here's the prenuptial agreement, wait, where did she go?
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