Lost star addresses woman abuse allegations


Matthew Fox, who recently dropped 40 pounds to play a killer in Alex Cross, talked to Men's Fitness recently and addressed claims made by his Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan that Fox "beats women" - claims that Fox says are "a pile of bulls---."

It seems that Monaghan tweeted to his 50,000 plus followers in May, after they asked him to encourage Fox to join Twitter. 

Monaghan's replied that "(Fox) beats women. No thanks."

Fans pressed for more details and Monaghan served them up.

 "How do you know we ever did? You don't know either of us. He beats women. Not isolated incidents. Often. Not interested," he said.

Fox made headlines in Cleveland in 2011 when he allegedly punching a female party bus driver in the groin and chest after she refused to let him enter the party bus. Heather Bormann filed a lawsuit against the actor but withdrew it after her lawers said she "intentionally failed and refused to provide full and timely cooperation and information."

"It's been a long, trying year of sitting on my hands on a lot of negative s--- said about me, when they're the furthest things from who I am," Fox told the magazine. "In the 46 years I've been breathing on this planet, I have never hit a woman before. Never have, never will."


- Matthew Fox
- Dominic Monaghan
- Lost

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Anonymous: "and improve your writings before posting it on the internet."


Firstly, you need to take your own advice.  Secondly, this is the Internet...what you want isn't ever gonna happen.  You might as well get used to it.



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For the love of God, please learn basic English and improve your writings before posting it on the internet.
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