TwoFour54 sells first two programs


TwoFour54, an Abu Dhabi-based media organization, has pushed its first two TV series into production.

The first, Peeta Planet, is a 13-episode half-hour series that follows the entrepreneurial Emirati brothers as that travel around the world. Viewers will be able to vote where they head next, via social media.

Nayla's 100 is also a 13-episode half-hour series. It will track the progress of a 100-dirham note ($27 dollars U.S.) as it passes from person to person. Thirteen episodes? That might make a good stand-alone show, but 13 episodes? The show is the creative work of Nayla Al-Khanja, whose short film Malal (Bored) TwoFour54 financed.

Both shows are shooting in an unscripted format and are expected to begin airing in the first part of 2013.

TwoFour54 helped organize the production of both pilots, which have sold to local broadcasters already/

Wayne Borg, TwoFour54 COO and CEO said that, "Part of TwoFour54’s remit is to develop the talent pool. This television drive is part of developing that talent. Our role is to help provide support and guidance and help produce a compelling pilot that convinces broadcasters."

Would you watch localized versions of either show? I imagine if they do well they could be brought other places, especially the show featuring the money and where it ends up. Doesn't Nayla's 100 sound like a TLC show to you?




Written by: Hamatosan
Oct 19th, 2012, 2:23 pm


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No contestlc burned their reputation with honeyboobs...