CBS Scares Up A Paranormal Investigator Drama

Inspired by their experiences working on their last short-lived series, the married writing duo of Liz Garcia and Josh Harto have sold a supernatural drama called The Big Easy to CBS.

Set in New Orleans, the supernatural mystery series will chronicle the complex life of a hard-living trumpet player named Jack Lyons. Also moonlighting as an investigator of the paranormal, Jack has a dark and very personal attachment to his work.

While producing the TNT drama Memphis Beat, Garcia and Harto lived and worked in New Orleans because the show was being filmed there. Memphis Beat starred Jason Lee as a police detective assigned to the Memphis Police Department who was fiercely dedicated to his hometown and prided himself on being the keeper of Memphis.

The Big Easy marks the married couple's second sale this development season, as they have a restaurant drama called Inferno set up at NBC. Most recently, they completed production on an independent film starring Kristen Bell entitled The Lifeguard, written and directed by Garcia and produced by Harto.

This new show sounds like it has similarities with Kolchak The Night Stalker and The X-Files, among others. It's also the second project about an investigator dealing with the supernatural, as ABC is developing an adaptation of an Australian series called Strange Calls. Where do you see this one fitting in?

- Liz W. Garcia

Written by: Chrononaut
Oct 19th, 2012, 5:05 pm


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@rtruell  I agree on that.. 


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The Big Easy.  Set in New Orleans.  <sigh>


Plus, aren't there already about a gazillion shows/movies named The Big Easy?  Come on least *try* to be original.