Teen Mom: Baby Ali's Okay! Amber Portwood Plans Departure

amber portwood“Teen Mom” is full of its normal drama this season, but the drama we don’t like is related to the babies.

Last week was a major cliffhanger with Leah and Corey’s baby Ali, as we didn’t know if she was healthy or not! The good news is the doctor told the parents that Ali’s “brain is fine” and she did not have a development issue. However, her optic nerves in both eyes are small so the infant needs glasses. What a relief for her parents!

In other news, one of the original “Teen Mom” cast members, Amber Portwood is always in the headlines with legal problems. This time Portwood told an Indiana judge that she plans to quit the reality show. That’s right, she feels MTV exploits her life and she wants to return to a “normal” life sans-cameras.

Currently, Portwood is in Mason County Jail for probation violation. Her trouble began when she was sentenced to two years in jail for domestic abuse of her boyfriend/baby daddy Gary Shirley. The judge suspended her sentence and gave her probation instead of jail time. However, Portwood failed to comply with the circumstances.

According to reports Portwood didn’t submit required drug tests, complete her GED or attend anger management classes. She didn’t even pay her $56 in probation fees or deposit $10,000 into her daughter, Leah’s, college fund. Sounds like some basic things she should have had plenty of time to complete.

While in jail Portwood’s had some problems with inmates. The Daily Mail reports that Portwood is on suicide watch after “a viscious attack” from inmates. She told her mom that she fears for her life and can’t sleep at night. Portwood is in jail until Jan. 27 for her next probation hearing.

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Written by: mawarner
Dec 29th, 2011, 9:13 pm