Wyclef Jean is Coming to 'Nashville'


Once upon a time, Wyclef Jean was gone until November. This November you can catch his debut on the ABC series 'Nashville, where he has landed a recurring role as the head of a major music label.

Wyclef Jean 2012


Jean is a rapper, a singer, a musician and a writer. As of late, he has been expanding his acting repertoire, since his first major recurring role on 'Third Watch' back in 2005. Jean recently appeared on '30 Rock' and has now parlayed his talents into an unnamed character on the new hit ABC series.


'Nashville' pairs Connie Britton ('Friday Night Lights') with the white-hot Hayden Panettiere ('Scream 4') as a country music duo that have some friction off-stage. Although Jean tweeted the following photograph with the cast (which doesn't include Britton or Panettiere), it's only a matter of time before his label producer runs up against the personalities of Rayna (Britton) and Juliette (Panettiere).

Wyclef Jean on Nashville


Having tweeted the photo with the caption "hotest [sic] cast on TV," the picture includes 'Nashville' stars Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen, Jonathan Jackson and Rya Kihlstedt. 

You can catch 'Nashville' Wednesdays at 10pm EST on ABC.



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