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Did CBS lift the format of The Talk from the ex-wife of a Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer?

That is what Angela Wilder, ex-wife of James Worthy, claims. She has filed a lawsuit that alleges that The Talk was stolen from her idea about a show that revolved around women and their interactions, as well as the common bond of motherhood. Wilder wrote a book in 2004 entitled "Powerful Mate Syndrome," and has appeared on shows such as 48 Hours, 20/20 and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her "experience" as a "celebrity" wife in Los Angeles apparently educated her on the television and entertainment industries, per the lawsuit.

She says that in 2006 she created a treatment called "The Mothers' Hood," which she registered. She wanted to create a series that mothers would watch and feel as if someone understood the problems they dealt with in their daily lives.

She met with Holly Jacobs, the executive VP of reality and syndication at Sony Television, and was told that "stay-at-home mothers are a depressed group of people who would have absolutely no interest in watching a show about their own depressing lives," according to the suit.

Fast forward to 2010 and The Talk premieres. Sara Gilbert, one of the stars, is credited as the creator. However, Wilder says her idea and her pitch are where it actually was created.

Wilder is suing Sony for breaking the implied deal she had by "assisting others in producing and distributing The Talk" without paying her.

In a statement, CBS denied Wilder's claims.


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Considering The Talk is obviously The View rehashed, I can't imagine how some Laker ex-wife can claim it's her idea. I guess the 'mother' angle is supposed to be the clincher.

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