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SyFy Reveals Viral Video Showdown Premiere Date

SyFy is taking viral videos to a new level, introducing the latest reality competition Viral Video Showdown. The network picked up the contest for an eight episode season, beginning October 30. 

Kevin Pereira hosts the show, highlighting two teams to compete to create the ultimate viral video. The video is based off a theme and must contain key elements to "go viral." Adam Sessler, Brittani Taylor, Sandeep Parikh and guest judges will determine which video is best, naming one team the winner each week. Guests judges include viral video stars Andy Milonakis, Keenan Cahill and Amber Lee Ettinger.  Who better to know what it takes to go viral than those who have?

The first episode, "Real Life Movie Trailer," follows three college students as Final Cut King and 16 television professionals as Half Day Today who both think they know what makes the best viral video. The teams work for four days with a small budget to make the most creative video. The winning team not only gets bragging rights, but $5,000, too. 

Other themes to be featured in the debut season include telling an action story in 90-seconds, retelling a fairy tale, creating a new sport and a musical how-to video.  

Viral Video Showdown will premiere following the season two premiere of Total Blackout, hosted by Jaleel White. 

- Viral Video Showdown
- Syfy

Written by: mawarner
Oct 22nd, 2012, 9:22 pm

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