'Happy Endings' Star Talks New Season

Ah, the new fall season wouldn't be complete without the return of the best under-the-radar series on television today, ABC's "Happy Endings." Entertainment Weekly spoke with series star Zachary Knighton on what's in store for the sextet this year.

Zachary Knighton

The series revolves around six friends who experience a rift in their relationships when Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) leaves long-time beau Dave (Knighton) at the altar in the series premiere. With the third season, it appears this rift is on the mend. "Alex and Dave are going to be back together. It’s been really awesome working with Elisha [JEALOUS EDITOR'S NOTE: I bet.]. We’ve never gotten to work together in this way because for the first two seasons, we’re just snapping at each other," Knighton said. "It held our characters back in a lot of ways because they were dealing with the fallout of the break-up. We didn’t get to develop our characters as much. This year, you get to see the characters in a completely different light."

Complicating things is the potential for a love triangle with the on-again off-again couple and Penny (Casey Wilson), which was hinted at in the second season. "It seems a little strange because Penny and Alex are such good friends. I like the fact that they’re playing with it. It seems like it could work in some realm of possibility. But it’s a TV show. They’re going to flirt with anything that piques people’s interest," the actor said.

The series has been on the chopping block due to middling ratings, but has managed to garner an intensely loyal following (a personal favorite is the awesome Tumblr 'F*** Yeah Happy Endings'). Knighton is appreciative of the series cult status, stating "I feel like Happy Endings was one of those shows that didn’t get the big roll-out and I think that actually benefitted us because people feel like they discovered the show. That’s really awesome. That’s kind of what our show is: people’s happy little discovery."

I won't mention how I saw it, but this reporter saw the season premiere a few days ago. It hasn't lost a step and is one of the more charmingly wacky and absurd shows on television, with Damon Wayans Jr showing off some awesome ventriloquist skills and Max lusting after Penny's physical therapist. What I'm trying to say is don't miss "Happy Endings" season premiere tonight on ABC!

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Oct 23rd, 2012, 8:28 am

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