Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt to Guest Star on Parenthood

Parenthood is taking a dramatic turn- even for the Braverman family. The season is hardly underway and so many curve balls were thrown so far. First Christina learned that she has breast cancer and must take a step back from her busy life to get healthy, while her son Max is running for class president and is the target of bullies ever since. Crosby and Adam are having difficulty seeing eye-to-eye about finances at The Lunchbox, while Amber balancers her professional and personal lives. It is Sarah who is maybe struggling the most as she is prepared to start her life with fiancee Mark, but also finds herself falling for the charms of her new boss, Hank.

In recent weeks Sarah and Hank shared a mistakenly intimate moment when he kissed her at work, and though Sarah appeared confused about the entire ordeal, it’s likely that she has similar feelings back. When Hank’s daughter came to visit, she wanted nothing to do with Hank, but Sarah helped her connect to her distant father. It seems that one more family member is ready to return to Hank’s life as Breaking Bad star Betsy Brandt is set to appear as his ex-wife.

Brandt currently plays Marie, Skyler’s sister, on the AMC drama and interestingly enough the wife of a Hank. There is no word on exactly what role Hank’s ex-wife will play on Parenthood, but let’s hope that it’s not a reconciliation! Though Sarah is happy with Mark, she just seems to click more with Hank, and she has such a positive effect on his life!

It is rumored that Brandt will appear on the series during the winter months. Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.


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Written by: mawarner
Oct 23rd, 2012, 9:54 pm

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