Snooki gives first live interview since childbirth


Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson might hate being on television, but fellow pint-sized reality personality Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi certainly does not. America's beloved guidette visited NBC's The Today this Show this morning, alongside her fiancé Jionni LaVelle, for the duos first live interview since Snooki popped out guido-in-training Lorenzo. 

The duo talked to Samantha Guthrie about topics such as rocket science, advanced calculus, quantum physics and Peter the Great's influence on the Russian culture. Oh sorry, wrong notes - they actually talked about Halloween costumes for Lorenzo, Snooki's maternal nature and raising a child while maintaining reality stardom. It is easy to get them confused, I know.

"It's so emotional -- every time I see it, I wanna cry," Snooki said, after seeing a video of Lorenzo, who turns two months old this week. Snooki also talked about adjusting to being an adult, saying that "It's crazy because, you know me, I just always want to have a good time -- where's the next party, what am I gonna do tonight. And now, it's just like, I love my baby, what can we do with him? It's just totally different."

Sniff, our guidette is growing up!

"She loves it, she's a great mom," Jionni said of his sugar momma. "It's just time-consuming, it's 24 hours. It's a lot of fun though."

It also was revealed that Snooki spent the last few minutes prior to Lorenzo's debut on Earth putting on make-up.  "My feet just blew up, I couldn't," she said. "I just wanna look good when my baby first sees me!"

Thank goodness NBC did not waste valuable airtime with news - we need more Snooki! Will we be seeing Lorenzo on reality TV soon, making a career for himself? Not if LaVelle has anything to do about it.

"Right now, it's fine while he's this young," Jionni said. "But once school starts and I think he gets a little older, I want him to branch off from that. Nicole could do what she has to do, but maybe him growing up, I kinda just want him to live a normal lifestyle."

"We want him to have a normal life where he goes to school, he has friends, girlfriends," Snooki said. "I want him to have those learning experiences that we had growing up."

- Today (US)
- Nicole Polizzi

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Isn't her 15 minutes up yet?

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