Zach Braff returns to ABC as writer-director on 'Garage Bar'


Zach Braff is returning to the half-hour single-camera comedy arena with the upcoming series 'Garage Bar.'

BraffAfter fielding interest from multiple networks, ABC won a bidding war to bring the series to the screen. 'Garage Bar' will be produced by 20th Century Fox and Braff himself, with Braff also writing the scripts and directing the laughs.

This sale marks Braff's return to ABC, the network which purchased and produced the final two seasons of 'Scrubs,' the show that made Braff a household name. This glosses over any suspicions of bad blood between the parties, after Braff's online comments regarding ABC's attempt to continue 'Scrubs' without his main character J.D. were tinged with more than a little schadenfreude upon the series' demise. It would seem that business is business and 'Garage Bar' is ABC bound.


'Garage Bar' reportedly centers around a group of friends who experience the ups and downs of fame & fortune when one of the gang becomes a pop star. The series will reportedly recapture the mixture of heart and humor attained by Braff's critically-acclaimed 2004 feature film 'Garden State.' As the title portends, 'Garage Bar' will retain the workplace-focus of Braff's previous sitcom success, however the project is a single-camera comedy and will not be focused on any singular bar setting.


Braff's previous directorial experience includes 'Garden State' and seven episodes of 'Scrubs' (when the show aired on NBC). His writing experience is limited to 'Garden State' alone, although he has penned a successful drama for the stage; check out 'Garage Bar' in 2013 to assess whether or not be can recapture the same recipe for success.


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Oct 25th, 2012, 8:23 am

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