Tina Fey speaks out on Mourdock and Akin

FeyI am not too sure how Conservative America feels about Tina Fey. The 30 Rock star famously lampooned Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live during Palin's vice presidential candidate days. But Fey has shown she can mock Conservatives with or without NBC providing her a sounding board.

Fey spoke yesterday at the Center for Reproductive Rights Inaugural Gala in New York City. Unsurprisingly, during her speech on endangered feminist ideals, the topic turned to two Republicans who have been in the news recently - Missouri Representative Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, who is running for an Indiana senate seat. Both men have made...interesting… comments about rape and abortion recently.

"I wish we could have an honest and respectful dialogue about these complicated issues, but it seems like we can't right now. If I have to listen to one more grey-faced man with a $2 haircut explain to me what rape is,” she said, discussing Mourdock's recent comments that pregnancy from rape was 'God's will,' “I’m going to lose my mind!

""I watch these guys and I'm, like, 'What is happening? Am I a secretary on 'Mad Men'? What's happening?" she added.

Akin, who has stayed in the race even as Republican leaders have asked him to remove himself, got it even worse.

"Todd Akin claims that women can’t really get pregnant from a legitimate rape because the body secretes hormones -- you know what, I can’t even finish this sentence without getting dumber," said Fey. "Mr. Akin, I think you're confusing the term rape with competitive gymnastics."



- Tina Fey

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Oct 25th, 2012, 5:25 pm


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"legitimate rape"??  What the hell is "legitimate" rape?  Or, conversely, what the hell is "illegitimate" rape?  Is idiocy like this something that happens to *anybody* that goes into politics in the US?  Or is it restricted to just Republicans?


You know, I don't even pay much attention to politics here in Canada, let alone politics in the US, but it sure seems to me that there's been a lot more of this kind of stupidity in this US election than in previous ones.  Yeah, I remember the occassional stupid remark in elections gone by, but it seems it's getting worse each this time, when the Republicans can't seem to open their mouths without stuffing their feet far into them.  Thank God (or whatever Diety you believe in) that it's almost over.  There's only a week and a bit left, right?  Right?  Oh, please, for Diety's sake, tell me there's only just over a week to go :-(


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