Wilson Phillips' Carnie Wilson Still Struggles With Her Weight

carnie wilsonCarnie Wilson is one of the first celebrities taking part in ABC’s new show, “Celebrity Wife Swap.” Much like the original, “Celebrity Wife Swap” places a famous wife (or wife of a famous man) with a new family. These wives must follow set rules and learn what it is like to live in someone else’s shoes. Wilson switches places with “Growing Pains” star Tracey Gold.

One of the biggest stresses for Wilson is her weight. Throughout her life the singer’s fought the scale, going up and down in size. In 1999 she made headlines when she dropped 150 pounds after gastric bypass surgery. She went from a size 28 to 5, and even appeared nude in Playboy. Since she’s put most of the weight back on and continues to struggle with losing it.

In April she will join Chynna Phillips and Wendy Wilson for a Wilson Phillips reunion. The entire process is documented in “Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On” for TV Guide channel. The pressure took its toll on Wilson who admitted to Fox News that the pressure is why she can’t stop eating.

“I’ve had so much stress in the last year, so it’s really been a struggle,” she shared in regards to her weight gain. “I think I’m one of the millions and millions of people that struggle with an addiction to food. I don’t know how to relax and that’s my problem. I can’t smoke a joint. I can’t have a glass of wine, because I want 10 joints and 10 glasses of wine.”

The scariest part for Wilson is she is afraid to pass her problems on to daughter Lola. “I see Lola loving sugar like all other children,” she said. “I also see her being first in line to get the cake. I see me in her. I think she’s going to be alright as long as we’re in control of this.”

Wilson appears tonight on “Celebrity Wife Swap” at 10 p.m./9c on ABC.

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Written by: mawarner
Jan 2nd, 2012, 5:29 pm