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Rebecca Romijn to headline TNT drama

RomijnThere are certain stars that seem like they should be bigger and brighter than they actually are. Rebecca Romijn has always been one of those people to me. She is not the world's best actress, but I do not think she is terrible by any stretch of the imagination. And she seems like a genuinely likable person when she talks. Sure, she has terrible taste in men (no offense, ex-husband John Stamos), but that has not derailed countess other careers.

The original "Mystique" in the X-Men film series, Romijn has now turned to a life of crime. She will be starring on TNT's newest drama, King and Maxwell, which is from NCIS: Los Angeles head honcho Shane Brennan.

King and Maxwell will feature characters Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, which were created by crime author David Baldacci in his hit novels. Sean and Michelle are former secret service agents with unique skills - of course they are. Sidebar: Why can't they just be normal ex-agents? Television irritates me sometimes. /sidebar

She will be playing Michelle. Michelle focuses on politically sensitive cases in the Washington, D.C., area. I hope that she does not cross paths with Congressman Brody, as Damian Lewis should probably appear in every series set in D.C. from now on. Tell me you wouldn’t give this a chance if he showed up…of course, he would probably kill Michelle after seducing her…

The show is being produced by CBS Television Studios and Shane Brennan Productions. 

Any interest in this?


- Rebecca Romijn

Written by: Hamatosan
Oct 26th, 2012, 8:55 pm

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