Ben Stiller produces Bonnie Hunt's 'compliKATEd' for ABC

Marking the third sale this season for Ben Stiller's Red Hour Television, ABC has purchased an ensemble comedy starring Bonnie Hunt with the stylized title compliKATEd.

Bonnie Hunt
Penned by Hunt and her frequent writing partner Don Lake, compliKATEd focuses on Hunt's character, a woman named Kate who is described as a confidently insecure woman with a complicated life. Produced by Stiller's Red Hour TV, Hunt's Bob & Alice Productions, and ABC Studios, the project received a script commitment from the Alphabet Network.

The relationship between Hunt, Lake, and ABC Studios stretches back over a decade. Hunt and Lake co-created and executive produced the comedy series Life With Bonnie, starring Hunt, which aired on ABC from 2002 until 2004. In 2006, the pair co-wrote a comedy pilot for ABC called Let Go, directed by Hunt and starring her as a divorced detective. She also hosted a daytime talk show called The Bonnie Hunt Show from 2008 until 2010.

In its first development season, Red Hour TV sold two single-camera comedies to ABC before this deal. Loosely based on Ben Stiller's own life, Please Knock centers on Mitch Fuller, an A-list actor who realizes he's losing touch with reality and his family, so he moves back to the same building in New York City where he grew upand where his parents still live.

The other project is titled The Notorious Mollie Flowers. Set in Cape May, New Jersey, the reputation of the town's sweetest and most selfless do-gooder is suddenly tarnished when she is falsely accused of a crime. After being exonerated, she decides it's time to start focusing on her own needs for once, much to the dismay of everyone around her.

Bonnie Hunt is one of those recognizable television faces that has never sought out a breakout hit role. Let's hope this one is less compliKATEd and works out for her.

- Bonnie Hunt
- Ben Stiller
- Don Lake

Written by: Chrononaut
Oct 27th, 2012, 12:05 pm


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