Ann Coulter defends calling Obama a "retard" on Fox News

CoulterNo matter what you think of President Barack Obama, it is pretty insulting that Ann Coulter has tweeted multiple times that he is a "retard," which began following the third presidential debate (which, for the record, polls said he "won). While we are generally pretty forgiving when people make insulting comments and then apologize for them, Coulter has instead decided to double down.

She went on Alan Colmes' show of the Fox News radio network (Coulter has worked with Fox News in the past) and said ”oh screw them," when he asked her about her critics. "Look, no one would refer to a Down Syndrome child, someone with an actual mental handicap, by saying ‘retard.’" she said, apparently not familiar with the kind of things children say about one another.

"Where do you think the words ‘imbecile,’ ‘idiot,’ ‘moron,’ ‘cretin’ come from? These were all technical terms at one time. ‘Retard’ had been used colloquially to just mean ‘loser’ for 30 years,” she stated. “But no, no — these aggressive victims have to come out and tell you what words to use.”

In the tweet in question on October 22, she said, "I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard."

The Special Olympics has criticized her insensitivity. Commentators on both sides of the political spectrum have criticized her.



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Written by: Hamatosan
Oct 27th, 2012, 7:41 pm


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The Universe where being a bitch makes her rich and keeps her job alive.  Which, somehow, is this universe.  Thank "god" for the Fox Newies of the world, I guess?


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Message Posted On Oct 28th, 2012, 2:26 pm

"‘Retard’ had been used colloquially to just mean ‘loser’ for 30 years,” she stated."


Really?  I wonder what Universe Ann has been living in for the last 30 years.  I'm 54, and I've *never* known 'retard' to mean 'loser'.  It has *always* been used to imply/state that a person has a mental handicap.



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msd85 forgot to mention "she's" the worlds ugliest thing.  But yeah, the fact that she has a job is deeply depressing.


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Message Posted On Oct 28th, 2012, 1:54 am

Yeah, pretty much. I recall her recent spot on Real Time and it seemed like she said what she did just to irk Bill's liberal audience. I sometimes wonder if she even believes half of what she says and really just enjoys pushing buttons for kicks and/or attention. I still think The Boondocks did a pretty good impression of she and her public persona. "A bitch got books to sell, that's why."



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Ann Coulter is nothing but a publicity craving moron. She will say anything about anybody if she thinks it will get a reaction. It's pretty telling that even FOX News always treats her opinions as nothing more than a side show. I mean, this is a woman who insulted a group of 9/11 widows, and said they were "enjoying their husbands deaths". She has no credibility, nor should she.

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