Seth Green coming to 'How I Met Your Mother'


Nerds like myself will never forget the romance between a werewolf named Oz and a fledgling witch named Willow on Joss Whedon's 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' series (y'know, back before Whedon was the Oz and Willowhottest director in Hollywood). Most nerdy guys from my generation recall Oz' casual flirtation with the shy, gorgeous Willow, discussing animal crackers and the strange happenstance of monkeys wearing pants, making each of us wish we could make girls laugh with such ease...

Okay, so maybe you aren't all as creepy and sad as I am. But for those who recall Oz and Willow fondly (in a healthier manner than I), I have great news: Seth Green and Allison Hannigan will be reunited on screen in an upcoming episode of Hannigan's smash-hit CBS sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother.'

 As posted on the 'How I Met Your Mother' twitter account, Seth Green will guest-star for a single upcoming episode in the new season. Green will play Daryl LaCoutre, a man who considered Hannigan's Lily and her husband Marshall (played by Jason Segel) his best friends during college; the catch is, neither Lily nor Marshall even remember him. Now twelve years since the happy couple moved away, LaCoutre has remained in their old stomping grounds, harboring an unhealthy obsession with getting Marshall and Lily back in his life.


Many Buffy fans will be dismayed that Green is not being brought aboard the program as one of Lily's old Lily and Marshallflames (due to the Oz connection), but the success of 'How I Met Your Mother' has reached such a peak that Hannigan is now associated with Lily as much as (if not more so) with the demure Willow from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' Hannigan has a new on-screen flame and, if critics recent reviews are any indication, the Lily and Marshall pairing has been the best aspect of HIMYM throughout the past season.

 Green's guest appearance will be in the December 10th episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' on CBS. Joe Manganiello shall guest star on the program for a two-episode story arc beginning November 12.







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Unfortunately...I am as creepy and sad as you. ;-)  Oz and Willow were a perfect couple, IMHO.

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