NBC isn't buying 'The Farm'

Cancel your getaway to majestic Schrute Farms, the number one beet-related agrotourism destination in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Word came down today that NBC has opted not to move forward with its planned spinoff from The Office, entitled The Farm.

Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson)
The backdoor pilot for the proposed spinoff was filmed as an episode of The Office and will still air, likely in the spring. The idea was that The Farm would then launch as a midseason show of its own, but according to Rainn Wilson, that isn't going to happen. "NBC has passed on moving forward with The Farm TV show," he posted on Twitter. "Had a blast making the pilot – onwards & upwards!"

Starring Wilson in the role he has been playing since 2005, The Farm was to center on Dwight Schrute running the Schrute Farms bed and breakfast with his never-before-seen whacky menagerie of family members. These include a younger brother (Thomas Middleditch), a younger sister (Majandra Delfino) with a nine-year-old son, a cousin named Zeke (Matt Jones), and a great uncle (Tom Bower) who may have been a member of the Nazi party during World War II.

When the idea of The Farm was first rumored, the only reason I thought it might work was if it featured more of cousin Mose, played off and on by Michael Schur in past seasons of The Office. Sadly, Schur is also a successful comedy writer and co-creator of NBC's Parks And Recreation, so he was obviously too busy to be involved.

Mose Schrute (Michael Schur)

The other way it might have worked was if Dwight's family was more normal and well-adjusted, but instead they are all outlandish and bizarre in their own ways. On the bright side, this will free up Rainn Wilson for different roles. He was great in the film Super and in the role that first brought him mainstream attention, the oddball Arthur on HBO's Six Feet Under.

We'll all see just how bad a pilot has to be for NBC to pass on it when the episode airs later this season. Do you think the Peacock should have given it a chance?

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- Paul Lieberstein
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Written by: Chrononaut
Oct 29th, 2012, 7:19 pm


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Message Posted On Oct 31st, 2012, 1:41 am

Yeah, should have given it a chance.  Can't be worse than the awful Mindy project, which is apparently doing okay.  



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Message Posted On Oct 29th, 2012, 7:50 pm

I called this show a disaster waiting to happen months ago. I had no idea I right I was going to be. I at least figured it would actually air before being canceled.

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