'Axe Cop' animated series releases teaser


Webcomic sensation "Axe Cop" is getting animated!

Axe Cop

Fox will be airing the new series as part of its ADHD late night animation block, a collection of animation shorts with "Axe Cop" so far the only announced feature. Today the network released a first look clip for the new series, which features Axe Cop answering Halloween-related fan mail. The short was adapted from one of the numerous "Ask Axe Cop" webcomics by the animation team to get an idea of what the series will look like, and this particular viewer could not be happier with the results. As if that wasn't enough, who else could voice the mustachioed titular character than famously mustachioed Nick Offerman, who portrays Ron Swanson on NBC's "Parks And Recreation."

For those unfamiliar with the glory that is "Axe Cop," it is the brainchild of 30 year old artist Ethan Nicolle and his 5 year old writer brother Malachai Nicolle, and revolves around a cop whose weapon of choice is (you guessed it) an axe. He is joined in his crime fighting adventures by bizarre partners such as Flute Cop, Baby Man, A Wrestler, and Uni-Man. What began as a silly webcomic side-project for the artist quickly went viral, eventually becoming an incredibly popular print comic and, now, an animated series.

Check out the clip below, and be sure to look for the show on Fox late night Saturdays starting in Summer 2013!

- Nick Offerman

Written by: kyleiam
Oct 30th, 2012, 5:52 am

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