'Dancing With The Stars' partners Johnson and Hough injured

Injuries have long been a part of ABC's popular "Dancing With The Stars" competition, and this season's "All Stars" is no different.

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough

Already this season Melissa Rycroft experienced a near season-ending herniated disc injury, but the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and reality tv star has so far gutted through the pain, leaning on her dancing partner to help her along the way.

Now, after Monday night's performance it appears that both partners of a dancing team are experiencing serious injuries. While Shawn Johnson, former Olympic gymnast, has been publically dealing with a knee sprain, her partner Derek Hough reaggravated a bulging disc in his vertebrae earlier that day.

"I've had it for a couple years," he told Zap2It, "but once it flares up -- like it did today -- it sort of immobilizes me."

Johnson was clear on the serious nature of the injury, stating that it was immediately apparent that something was wrong with her pro partner during a training session. "I saw him today turn his head and I was like, Uh-oh," added Shawn, who could immediately tell something was wrong. "I was like, What did you do? It slowly got worse."

Still, both partners are ready to push through the pain and stay in the competition, with Johnson herself claiming the knee injury was more emotionally taxing, as knee problems forced her to retire from gymnastics. While training for a comeback at the 2012 London Olympic games, the former gold medalist was sidelined after issues with her surgically repaired knee.

"Reliving the whole knee pain took me back to the Olympics and retiring and everything I had to go through. The idea that that would take me out of ["Dancing With the Stars"] just devastated me," Johnson said.

Hough added, "A little adrenaline helps out, [but now I have] to figure out how to get through it."

Adrenaline should help when it comes to performance, but the injury certainly could affect training going forward. Do you think the pair of injuries could force the dancing team out of competition?

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Written by: kyleiam
Oct 30th, 2012, 6:17 am

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