President Obama talks television

If you haven't already heard, there's some kind of election coming up soon in the United States. Still hoping to sway any remaining undecided voters who base their choice on a candidate's television viewing, President Barack Obama agreed to answer some questions from TV Guide Magazine about his family's favorite TV shows and other pop-culture habits. Here are some excerpts from that brief interview.

President Barack Obama on TV
TV Guide Magazine: Mr. President, what is your favorite television show?
Obama: I am a big fan of Homeland and Boardwalk Empire, and I think The Wire is one of the greatest shows of all time — and I confess I am an avid watcher of SportsCenter.

TV Guide Magazine: And the First Lady's favorite?
Obama: Michelle and the girls and I love watching Modern Family.   

TV Guide Magazine: What do you all watch as a family?
Obama: When our family gets together to watch TV, we usually watch shows like Modern Family and Parks and Recreation because they give us a good laugh.

TV Guide Magazine: Who is in charge of programming the White House DVR?
Obama: For the most part, we program our own shows on our DVR, but it wasn't always this way. Sasha had to teach Michelle and me how to program it because we didn't know how to do it ourselves.

Visit our friends at TV Guide Magazine for the rest of the exchange, especially if you've always wanted to know what Barack and Michelle watch during their workouts or how many movies they see in a month. In the interest of equal time for both candidates, questions were also submitted to Mitt Romney's team, but they were unable to respond before the deadline.

First of all, I hate it when smart people feel like they have to dumb themselves down. If the President can't figure out how to program a DVR, maybe Donald Trump is onto something by requesting his college transcripts. As for his answers, Parks And Recreation is an intriguing choice because it's not exactly a ratings dynamo. That probably just ensured that the show will be on for another four years regardless of ratings, presuming Obama wins the election. Modern Family, Homeland, and Boardwalk Empire are pretty big shows anyway, but it's still neat to know what the First Family watches on TV.


Message Posted On Oct 30th, 2012, 8:29 pm
Did you guys read the comment? He didn't say "We couldn't figure out how to use the DVR", simply that their kid had to show them. I do not see how that is dumbing anything down. I have a PhD in Biochemistry, but I have no idea how to own program a DVR (I assume because I have never owned one and currently do not have a TV (watch everything on the computer)). ...and no, i will not be voting for Obama this election.


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Message Posted On Oct 30th, 2012, 11:44 am

Yeah, I have a real hard time believing that a man who was president of the Harvard Law review and then the United States itself can't figure out how to program a DVR. Reeks of trying to make yourself seem "common" to undecided voters, even though I'm pretty sure most normal people know how to work a DVR by now anyway. They aren't new technology.