What's in a name? NBC's 'Infamous' now called 'Deception'


NBC has had a primetime soap-style drama in development from superstar writer Liz Heldens for quite some time. They have a cast, scripts, production... they just cannot seem to decide what to call it. Initially called 'Notorious,' then called 'Infamous,' the NBC project has now officially been changed to 'Deception.'

Deception cast


The procedural drama stars Megan Good as Detective Joanna Locasto, a woman who returns to the wealthy family and home where she grew up to snoop around and try to uncover the truth behind the death of an old friend. She and her late friend Vivian had a falling out and had not been in touch; having died from an apparent drug overdose at age thirty-two, Det. Locasto has come back to town to get to the bottom of what happened. You can see how 'Notorious' and 'Infamous' could have fit, as well.

The series also stars Victor Garber ('Alias,' 'Web Therapy') and Tate Donovan ('Damages'), pictured on the left and second from right, respectively. The soap-drama is seemingly NBC's answer to 'Revenge' and the title change could be an attempt at bringing a snappier mysterious feel to the upcoming program.

HeldensWritten by Liz Heldens, fresh off of her successes on both 'Mercy' and 'Friday Night Lights,' 'Deception' has a lot of the tools for success in its corner. Unfortunately, NBC hasn't announced a premiere date for the program. To have a premiere, they would first need an ad campagin; to have an ad campain they would first need a title. You see the bind they were in.


Now that 'Deception' is locked and loaded (and no longer named the same as a popular video game franchise) you can expect the ad campaign and the launch date to follow close behind. Stick with TVRage for the latest.



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Oct 30th, 2012, 11:37 am

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