How are Canadians coping with no hockey? American programming

NHLThe long road to a National Hockey League season does not appear to be winding down any time soon. Rumors are that the league is ready to cancel its cash cow, the Winter Classic. When that happens, I believe you will see the owners really dig in their heels and try to stick it to the players. Come on guys, end this lockout!

Fans in Canada, hockey's homeland, have turned to increased viewings of their favorite American programs to fill the hole created by the loss of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada. 

Canadian TV viewership on Saturday nights (Hockey Night's night) has fallen only five percent in primetime compared to last fall's levels. Cable channels are reaping the rewards, as they have gained 34% of viewers, adding to a 20% audience rise on the night.

CTV has doubled its audience. CTV airs a Big Bang Night on CTV, with a block of The Big Bang Theory reruns. The Comedy Network has also seen more viewers, gaining 56,000 viewers, while cable sports network TSN has averaged nearly 50,000 new viewers. Earth to the NHL - you are hurting your league, just as you did last decade when you missed an entire season. 

CBC is the undisputed loser, as it has retained 11 percent of its viewers. Eleven percent! The network is rearing classic NHL games on Hockey Night in Canada. Don Cherry has to be losing his mind!


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Written by: Hamatosan
Oct 31st, 2012, 7:50 am


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Message Posted On Nov 4th, 2012, 3:36 pm

"I hope the NHL folds. Let's start a new league"


Sounds good to me.  This time, though, we put in strict rules prohibiting fighting and other violence.  Anyone starting a fight is banned forever.  Maybe then hockey can get back to what it's supposed to be...a fun sport.  Instead of what it is arena where some try to beat the brains out of others.


Karl von Venting

Message Posted On Nov 1st, 2012, 7:38 am
No hockey…after back to school the best time in the world!!! Thanks guys! Karl von Venting

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I hope the NHL folds. Let's start a new league. Cannot be worse.

We can keep the Cup, however--it was a Challenge Cup long before an NHL trophy.

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