Hallmark Cancels Martha Stewart Show

Martha StewartThe Martha Stewart Show is the latest victim of schedule revamping. Hallmark Channel and MSLO (Stewart's parent company) will part ways after the end of her 2012 season. Stewart’s once syndicated daytime show was canceled according to various reports. Hallmark opted not to pick up the show for another season after surveys showed that the ratings fell drastically.

“The daytime block on Hallmark demonstrated year-over-year ratings growth and 'The Martha Stewart Show' earned two Emmys in its first season. The show will continue on Hallmark through the end of this season and we are currently exploring programming concepts for Martha Stewart and other MSLO brands beyond this fall. In addition, MSLO continues its thriving partnership with The Home Depot (THD), which spans a number of home and decor categories, including our very popular paint palette, and they continue to perform well,” MSLO president Lisa Gersh said via statement.

Though the show was canceled, surveys show that Martha Stewart is still a strong brand in housewares and living furnishings. Stewart is still viewed as one of the top household sources for everything from decorating and cooking to home repair as well.

There are two obvious reasons as to why the show has failed in recent months. First, many stay-at-home moms or retired homemakers have returned to work. This means they are not home, able to walk the daily talk show. Another reason the ratings may have declined is that many people are cutting costs and eliminating cable. Instead of paying for cable, they pick up inexpensive services like Netflix or Hulu to watch shows, if they don’t cut out television all together.

It’s likely that fans can expect Stewart to reappear on television in a new format with new helpful tips for daily life. If Stewart can bounce back after five months in the slammer, she can come back from anything.

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Jan 4th, 2012, 5:03 pm

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