Exclusive interview: Tanisha Thomas dishes on new 'Love Games' season

“Love Games” is back with its fourth season, and the baddest girl around is back hosting it.

Tanisha Thomas
“Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too” returns to Oxygen Nov. 5. Each week the girls (each of whom is a “Bad Girls Club” alum) go on dates to get to know the bachelors, while also engaging in crazy challenges to become “Head Bad Girl in Charge.”

Tanisha Thomas has hosted “Love Games” since season two. She said this was her favorite season.
Discussing the women, she said she loved Camilla; that Dani’s a handful; and Amy is the underdog. “I really enjoy the whole cast and interacting with them,” she said.

When asked who she thought were the most interesting/ outrageous men, she mentioned Tyrone. “I think he’s very east coast and straightforward,” and called him a ladies man. She said she counted him out from Day 1, but he surprised her. “Towards the end I got to see why the ladies fall in love with him,” she said.

She also said that Shane was a Casanova and eye candy, and that she loved his sense of humor, though she said she had to let him know who’s the boss a couple of times. Thomas called Travis “The Joker,” because he would always be showing his “beautiful, sparkling white teeth.”

This season was filmed in Agoura Hills, California. Thomas said she was used to it being in the Hollywood area, but that it was a nice house and nice to be away from everything. She said this is not an average season, as they changed things up drastically and you’ll see a lot of changes. She said it’s also not your average dating show or “Love Games.”

She said she liked that the girls are really playing the game and are into it. Thomas said she even got into it, “actually a lot,” she said, and loses her temper. “I think it’s a great show,” she said. “I can’t wait for you to watch,” and also see who won.

Thomas first came in as a guest host in the first season. She then was called about hosting, and though she had no experience and didn’t think she could do it, she agreed to it and liked it. “I like being the one asking questions,” she said. Thomas said the job is “fun, but a lot of work. It’s hard to be a host.” She said you have to know your lines, and she can be handed a new script in the morning.

Thomas first appeared on “Bad Girls Club.” She auditioned after friends told her she should, and she agreed after getting cable and seeing what it was about. She was the last to interview in New York City on a rainy day, and made the cut.

Thomas stood out with her catchphrase “pop off.” She said she was told she couldn’t hit anyone, so when she was upset she banged pots together and shouted “pop off.” She said the phrase was kind of an east coast thing that’s been around for years.

Fans also got a peak into her home life on “Tanisha Gets Married,” which detailed her engagement and run up to her wedding to Clive Muir. Though she is no stranger to the camera, her family was, and she said she didn’t think about them. She said it was intense the whole time the cameras were with them in Brooklyn, which she said was hard. She and Clive have been together seven years. Though she is not wearing her wedding ring these days, she said she is still legally married.

Thomas also participated in Celebrity Fit Club. She said she spoke to fellow cast mate Kevin Federline a couple of months ago, and talked about going golfing and staying in shape. She said he was back to drinking 12 cans of soda a day. “It’s really hard to stay on a diet and maintain it,” she said, noting celebrities get used to always getting whatever they want. She also said she reached out to Bobby Brown (who was also on that season) after Whitney Houston died.

Though a planned cookbook has been shelved, she said she is working on being the voice for plus sized girls everywhere. To that end, she is launching Plush Diva’s Closet, an online boutique in December. She is also planning the first plus-sized pageant in New York City in February 2013. She said she has a platform to preach loving yourself without any apologies.

“Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too” premieres Monday, Nov. 5, at 11 p.m. on Oxygen.

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Nov 1st, 2012, 11:24 am

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