Robert Zemeckis gives TNT 'Cold Feet'


TNT has really been stepping up development of original scripted series as of late; today they brought in a heavy hitter.

ZemeckisDeadline is reporting that none other than Hollywood royalty Robert Zemeckis is Exec Producing a scripted drama series in development over at TNT. The project, entitled 'Cold Feet,' is a show in the vein of 'It's a Wonderful Life;' a runaway bride wishes she had never been born and is then shown how the world would be different in her absence. She makes the decision to stick around in order to set things right.

Zemeckis is no stranger to altering history, having directed all three classic 'Back to the Future' films, starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. While wearing his producer hat, Zemeckis has recently given us 'Real Steel,' 'Monster House' and 'The Polar Express.' (The man also directed both 'Death Becomes Her' and 'Forrest Gump,' making him damn near worthy of worship in my eyes).



The series will be co-produced and written by Dave Ryan of daytime soap fame ('General Hospital,' 'All My Children'). 'Cold Feet' will mark Ryan's primetime writing debut. It would seem he has his work cut out for him: the premise stated above sounds more like a stand-alone feature than an ongoing dramatic series. With both Zemeckis and Ryan cutting their teeth on features rather than television, it will be interesting to see how the pair adapt to ongoing plotlines.

This news follows recent headlines that Mira Sorvino has been brought in to star in upcoming TNT scripted series 'Trooper' and that Rebecca Romijn will be starring in another TNT drama 'King and Maxwell.' The network is certainly pulling in some impressive names from Hollywood (with Romijn best known as Mystique in four "X-Men" feature films and Sorvino having won an Academy Award), with Zemeckis only the latest amongst them. With 'Cold Feet' necessitating another big-name female star, who would you like to see join TNT's latest project?

I'm imagining TNT promotional materials in 2013... I see Romijn, Sorvino and...

Leave your suggestions below!

- Robert Zemeckis

Written by: bad_subject
Nov 3rd, 2012, 10:52 am

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