'American Digger' the magazine sues Spike show over name

‘American Digger’ the magazine has told the Spike TV show to get away.

Ric Savage

Spike TV and its parent company Viacom have been sued by Greybird Publishing in federal court over the name, which the magazine claims is hurting the periodical’s reputation.

Grady “Butch” Holcombe and wife Anita are the publishers of “American Digger.” They claim to have received calls, emails and “unfavorable comments on hobbyist forums from subscribers… alarmed by the show’s highly inflammatory and negative depiction of their hobby and the risks the show posed for the ability of hobbyists to continue their metal detecting activities,” according to the complaint filed in Georgia federal court.

The show stars Ric Savage, a creatively-named former professional wrestler. He is shown searching areas like battlefields and historic sites looking to strike it rich by finding trinkets of American history. He also usually has to deal with the owners of said properties he is trying to dig on. Savage was ousted from his columnist gig at the magazine after the show premiered.

In the suit the magazine is demanding the show stop using the name, and to destroy all videos and items bearing “American Digger.” Greybird also wants damages and Viacom profits.

- Ric Savage

Written by: KurtK26
Nov 4th, 2012, 2:26 pm

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