What Shows Are Networks Picking Up for 2012?

Kyle RichardsTV shows are finally back from hiatus, but networks are already looking towards the future. Just what shows are NBC, Fox and other major networks picking up? A wide variety of shows of course! However, which shows are hits and misses?

TBS confirmed it picked up Breckin Meyers’ comedy “Men at Work.” The 10 episode series stars Danny Masterson as Milo, a heartbroken guy looking for his manhood back. He and his work friends (who all work at a magazine by the way), will work to repair his life. Hit. Masterson has a sarcastic tone few can grasp, it may be funny seeing him as a weak-willed man.

TNT picked up “The Great Escape,” a new reality show that throws average people into real life “adventure movie” scenarios. The winners receive a cash prize. MISS. Reality shows don’t fare well on stations that aren’t known for them. Also, the plot is awkward and could be dull.

Fox bought scripts for a sitcom called “Jess & Drew.” The show follows a group of adults who travel to a destination wedding and end up falling in love or hooking up. MISS. Though the script is in the works, the premise sounds weak and could burn out easily. A stellar cast could make the show a great success for the network though.

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Kyle Richards told The Hollywood Reporter that she sold a script to an undisclosed network for a sitcom about her life. The show follows a woman trying to juggle life as a mother, wife and reality star. MISS. Do I really need to say anything more? Doesn’t she already have a weekly hour-long show that entails this plot?

“The L.A. Complex” on CW follows the lives of Hollywood hopefuls living in the same L.A. apartment complex building. HIT. Though it’s eerily familiar to “Melrose Place,” the CW needs a new, fresh drama. “Gossip Girl” is dying and “90210” will be next. The current dramas are okay, but the CW needs something fresh and strong.

Though “The Cult” was cut years ago when WB went under, The CW is bringing it back. The show follows a group of bloggers and journalists investigating murders. The twist is the murders are all the same as murders on a popular show called ‘The Cult.” Fans of the show are thought to be committing copycat crimes. CW is worried the show is “too dark” but I say HIT. There’s nothing like this on TV and it is twisted. TV fans love twisted.

Which shows are you looking forward to for 2012?

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Written by: mawarner
Jan 6th, 2012, 9:46 pm

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