The Classics are coming! The Classics are coming!

Old style tvTo TV that is! Television has always given us great times. Now we get to live them again! Just right off the presses, Television Networks like CBS, NBC and others have revealed their projects for 2012! The great thing about it is that they have ordered pilots for shows that most people who have been young around the 80’s or before will remember. Those who don’t remember, there is TvLand for the younger generation. So what shows are coming back you might ask? A TON! Of course there are some that we are not that happy about nor care about. So without further adou, here are the ones we know of so far. You might want to get a snack for this.

  1. Unititled Sara Silverman sitcom (NBC) – Yes, we remember the Sarah Silverman Show and how entertaining it was. Now she is back for another one thanks to NBC.
  2. The Rifleman (CBS) – Whereas most may not remember this one, it is a reboot of the 1950’s western show that everyone once loved. Don’t give your hopes up though partner. Westerns are not so popular now.
  3. Anger Management (FX) – It figures that a Charlie Sheen comedy is the least we want to see, but with Two and a Half Men being as popular as it was, who knows. Winning! Duh!
  4. Source Code (CBS) – Yes, we get to see more of this. Based on the movie, who doesn’t like a little time travel, right?
  5. The New Neighbors (NBC) – It is a smart move to have the Muppets go wild at the movies and then conqure the small screen as well! The New Neighbors stars The Muppets as they move into Palm Springs.
  6. Under the Dome (Showtime) – Based on Steven King’s 2009 novel, it is going to be exciting to see this go into a tv series.
  7. Hannibal (NBC) – Think Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, and Red Dragon were enough, think again! Lecter is back and he is similar to The Mentalist.
  8. Frankenstein (NBC) – Really? Well, guess if you liked Mary Shelley’s thrilling classic, you might enjoy this one, right? The modern twist is sure to be interesting.
  9. Bewitched (CBS) – From the 1960’s to today, Bewitched is going to be interesting to watch. Think Witches meets Desperate Houswives with this version.
  10. Romancing the Stone (NBC) – There needs to be an action-adventure romance to fill NBC’s evening. Unfortunately, it might be a flop.
  11. Valley of the Dolls (NBC) – Hasn’t NBC learned not to put racey television shows on Primetime? The Parent Television Council is going to go up in arms with this sexy camp classic.
  12. Munsters (NBC) – A reboot from the 1960’s classic, NBC has better luck with this one than the Valley of the Dolls. However, it is never certain which angle they are going to take with this.


This is just a little taste to what the television has in store for us TV Junkies. There is also a remake from Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, of the Flintstones coming in 2013. Looks like ABC decided to stay out of the Classic TV Bandwagon. The PTC might be a little busy trying to curtail some of the risky shows coming to the TV this year. Then again, it is really interesting to see the old classics coming back to make us laugh again and allow for a little culture to come back into society. Then again if it is anything like Hawaii Five-O, it is going to be a lot more interesting then the original. What do you think of the shows? Are they something to look forward to?

- FX

Written by: tvaholic
Jan 8th, 2012, 4:20 pm

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