New 'Arrow' promo features the Royal Flush Gang, the Huntress


Another day, another tasty nugget of 'Arrow' promotion for we proud comic book nerds!

This week's 'Arrow' episode gave us Deathstroke, yesterday we reported that Count Vertigo is coming to Starling City, and today an exclusive Entertainment Weekly promotional video gives us some close-up action of both The Huntress and The Royal Flush Gang!

Arrow in action


In the comics, The Royal Flush Gang is a crime syndicate with a presence in most major cities, lead by a group of five members who identify themselves as the five playing cards that comprise a royal flush in poker. The gang appears in the promo video as a cabal of bank robbers--and very good ones, at that.

if it seems like the 'Arrow' news is flying at you fast and furious, you're right; sweeps week is coming up and CW is hyping their new critical darling like there's no tomorrow. I am pleased to say to those who haven't checked out the show, 'Arrow' is living up to the hype. It is a much smarter and more logical take on the superhero genre, accepting realistic elements such as people reasonably being able to figure out that the ridiculously buff rich guy who disappears all night and comes back beat up may in fact be up to something clandestine.

Royal Flush gang logoIn keeping with the realistic feel, the Royal Flush gang has moved from the bodysuit-wearing menace of the colored pages to a murderous gang of robbers in hockey masks. Lots of bad guys, lots of guns, lots of bodies for The Hood to toss around the room in dramatic fashion!

'Arrow' stars Stephen Amell as hero Oliver Queen and airs Wednesdays at 8:00pm EST on the CW, but if you're a regular TVRage reader you already knew that. The Royal Flush Gang makes their first appearance next week!


Did you spot any other comic book characters in the promotional video that I missed? Let me know and mock me in the comments below!


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You certainly don't have to be a comic book nerd for this show. I knew nothing about Arrow, in fact, it's taken some therapy sessions to try and stop calling it "the Arrow". Finally after lot's of eye rolls and heavy sighs from my 13 yr old daughter, I think I've finally got it! I have lists of shows that I watch, even if I am backlogged, but Arrow is on the top. We adore this show and are upset when it finishes. I nearly flog myself for not waiting at  least 2 weeks so we can watch 2 episodes back to back, however like the addict that I am, I just cannot say no.

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