Jennifer Lopez Wants To Appear on In Living Color Specials

Jennifer LopezFox’s plan for a “In Living Color” reunion is so hush hush that even one of its most famous cast members had no idea. Earlier we reported that Fox plans to run two specials during 2012 in honor of the show that kick started the careers of Carrie Ibana, the Wayans family and Jim Carey. It also help Jennifer Lopez’s career as both a singer, dancer and actress.

When Access asked the World’s Most Beautiful Woman if she would be included on the special she admitted she didn’t know the show was getting a revamp. “Oh my God!” she laguhted, “I didn’t even know! That’s awesome!”

Lopez was one of the Fly Girl dancers and to this day says she owns Keenan Ivory Wayans for her career. “I owe Keenan a lot,” she shared. “From the beginning of my career, he always believed in me. He always was putting in my brain, ‘you’re going to be a star, you’re going to be a star, do you know that?’”

She added that she would be happy to do something for the special. Today Lopez is known as an A-List actress on both TV and film as well as judge of American Idol. Her singing career received a seriously reboost after the success of her position on American Idol. The Latina is also known for her fashion and considered one of the sexiest and most important fashion icons of her generation.

Despite all of this, her willingness to return to the little skit show where she got her start proves she really is just “Jenny From the Block.”

- In Living Color
- Jennifer Lopez

Written by: mawarner
Jan 9th, 2012, 1:59 pm

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