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BBC developing Hurricane Sandy documentary


The BBC, currently dealing with the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal, has commissioned Dragonfly Film and Television to create a documentary about Hurricane Sandy and the destruction it brought. 

The documentary will focus on science-based forensic analysis to figure out how the hurricane actually occurred and the damage it has on New York City's infrastructure. The film will also talk to those affected by the storm, offering a human voice to the effects of natural disaster.

Sandy: Anatomy of a Superstorm, will be one-hour in length and air on BBC Two. Interviews, satellite images, CGI, news archival footage and UGC footage will show the destruction, from the start to its eventual demise. This documentary will dig deeper into the storm than anything else has at this point.

Dickson said: "Our film will tell the stories of the brave New Yorkers who were caught in the eye of the storm, and whose spirited fight back has inspired the world," said Simon Dickson, managing director for the film.

The film is scheduled to air November 18.

I am interested to see this – hopefully it will get ported over the big pond somehow. I am amazed at the destructive power of storms and how little seems to be available to stunt them in anyway.



Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 9th, 2012, 9:12 am

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