'Dirty Old Towns' sweeping Europe


While the biggest television company in the United Kingdom crumbles from dirty business, dirty business is creating opportunity for Scandinavian sales alliance Nordic World.

It has agreed to multiple deals to bring Dirty Old Towns to Germany, Italy, France, Denmark and Norway. The original Irish version features locals trying to fix up their run-down, falling-apart communities.

The format, which was developed by Seamus Cassidy's Happy Endings Productions, has been picked up by Endemol for Italy, Norway, France and Denmark, while Odeon Film has won local adaptation rights for Germany. How long before the series makes its way stateside?

Irish public broadcaster RTE just finished the second season of Dirty Old Towns and has been enjoying the growing ratings. Each series focuses on a new town that needs help. During the series, local residents work together to clean and rebuild their community, in race-against-the-clock challenges.

Simple, yet effective. Imagine what this series could do for places that need help desperately. What a great concept.

Nordic World has had success with another Irish format with Farm Factor - an agricultural series that apes Pop Idol's setup.

“Both are highly original concepts from a small but incredibly creative territory,” said Jan Salling, Nordic World’s chief operating officer and director of sales. “All Nordic World needed to do was reposition and repackage Dirty Old Towns for the international market ― the brilliance of Seamus (Cassidy's) format did the rest.”

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Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 12th, 2012, 1:18 pm

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