'Hawaii Five-0' to remake classic original series "Hookman" episode


The hit CBS series 'Hawaii Five-0' can't be accused of forgetting its roots.

Hawaii Five 0 title cardAfter several nods and references to the original police procedural series of same name (which starred Jack Lord as Detective Lieutenant Steve McGarrett for a whopping twelve seasons), the new 'Five-0' is set to remake one of the most memorable episodes from the 1968-80 run: "Hookman."

The fan-favorite episode originally aired in 1973 and won a 1974 Emmy award for Best Music Composition. The original villain, the eponymous Hookman himself, was played by Jay J. Armes; this new version will be portrayed by the very man slated to direct the remake episode: Peter Weller ('RoboCop').

In the original "Hookman" episode, McGarrett had previous ties to the Hookman character. This time around, Alex O'Loughlin's ('Whiteout,' 'The Back-Up Plan') McGarrett will only be tied to the Hookman through a shared past with McGarrett's father. Aside from such minor alterations, the episode has Hawaii Five 0 original castbeen planned as a meticulous reboot of the original story--so much so that series producer Peter Lenkov sought the blessing of "Hookman"s original writers.

"It was a stand-out and a fan-favorite," Lenkov explained, when asked why "Hookman" was selected out of twelve-seasons' worth of original episodes: "it sort of came to everyone's mind--everyone remembered "Hookman."

This is hardly the first time that CBS has offered fans of the original 'Hawaii Five-0' a special treat; Al Harrington, who played Detective Ben Kokua in the original series, is a recurring guest star on the new production. Lenkov assures with pride that, even if the nod to the original is subtle, 'Hawaii Five-0' is paying tribute each and every episode.

The new "Hookman" is slated to air on CBS in early 2013.




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Nov 12th, 2012, 3:59 pm

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