Super Bowl ads almost sold out

Super BowlOnce a year, Americans young and old gather together to celebrate our nation's greatest holiday - Super Bowl Ad Sunday. Sure, some people watch it for the game, but the following day what most people discuss isn't a big catch or a super pass (or how the Cleveland Browns will never, ever play in the game), but the commercials.

CBS is airing the Super Bowl this year and therefore selling the ad space for it. If you want one, you had better hurry up, as there are "less than a handful of spots left." In addition, you will need a record average price of$3.8 million dollars for an ad.

“We literally have just a couple units left in the game,” said John Bogusz, CBS executive VP for sports sales and marketing. “We are really pleased.” Well duh.

The price is an average increase of $300,000 from what NBC charged last year. 

Most of the key advertisers from previous Super Bowls have already bought their ad space, with General Motors being the only exception. 

“The automotive category is extremely healthy in the game, regardless of General Motors,” said JoAnn Ross, CBS president of network sales, adding that Hyundai and other car manufacturers have picked up the slack. 

CBS will completely sell out well before the game airs. Ross said she expects the price ads sell for to continue to rise. “It goes up every year,” she said. “When we have the 50th Super Bowl in three years, that will be fun.”


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Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 13th, 2012, 1:23 pm

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