'Newsroom' adds Streep's daughter to cast

Apparently, it is easier to get jobs in Hollywood when your mother or father is a big celebrity than when your parents are bricklayers or Walmart assistant managers. Who knew?


Grace Gummer knew. Gummer, whose mother is probably the greatest living actress in the world Meryl Streep (I believe you need to us that title whenever you refer to her), has landed a spot on HBO's The Newsroom as Hallie Shea, an embedded reporter covering the Mitt Romney campaign. Oh boy. I wonder how Aaron Sorkin is going to cover ol' Mitt. Our Conservatives readers are likely to blow their lids.

Gummer has appeared on Nickelodeon's Gigantic, NBC's Smash and in the movies Margin Call and Frances Ha. Her younger sister Mamie Gummer is the star in The CW's Emily Owens, M.D. Now, maybe both Gummers are fantastic actresses in their own rights. I do not think anyone would cast them if they were terrible. But it definitely seems like their maternal link is not hurting them.

Gummer joins Rosemarie DeWitt and Patton Oswalt as Newsroom newcomers. Oswalt will play the new vice president human resources at Atlantic Cable News and DeWitt has been cast as a litigator defending the network in a wrongful-termination lawsuit.

Newsroom's return date has not been announced.


- The Newsroom (2012)
- Grace Gummer

Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 14th, 2012, 6:11 am


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