Tim Tebow lands starting TiVo gig


The world's most famous backup quarterback has a brand all to his own. Tim Tebow, the wholesome New York Jets backup who led the Denver Broncos on a heroic run last season, has signed on with TiVo for an endorsement deal. 

The spiritual Tebow will be promoting TiVo via social media and a national ad campaign that includes commercials. TiVo will also create the "Tim Tebow Zone," which lists his favorite shows, movies and what he recommends for children's programing.

"I had no idea how great TiVo was until I started using it," Tebow said. "I was blown away by the TiVo experience -- it was so much more than I thought. With always being on the road, I love having the ability to find exactly what I am looking for and watch it anywhere, any time. The similarity in names caught my attention, but I quickly became a true believer. I'm looking forward to working with the great team at TiVo to spread the word."

Tebow also endorses Nike, Jockey International and FRS Healthy Performance (he doesn't endorse ESPN - it just seems like it does with how much they talk about him). When he is not trying to get you to buy stuff, he sits on the bench and watches the New York Jets suck.

"TiVo is the only cable box that allows you to record four programs at once so you can watch the football game and still load up on all that other great Sunday night programming for the week. Tebow and TiVo have a lot in common -- so we decided to run with it," said Tom Rogers, TiVo President and CEO.

Does this make you more likely to buy TiVo? If so, can I laugh at you?




Written by: Hamatosan
Nov 14th, 2012, 12:35 pm

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